Ansirous Journal

Ansirius was orphaned at a very young age and raised by the Priesthood of Tyr. During his stay in the orphanage, he became friends with a older man known as Brother Owen. Brother Owen was not interested in advancing up in status or rank among the priesthood, but was the most serious follower of Tyr. He knew more about the religion than most superior priests, priesteses and higher ranking relious leaders.

Once in the teaching of the Tyr, Brother Owen found that Ansirius had a hearing defect that prevented him from clearly hearing certain things. But this did not deter Ansirius from learning the ways of Tyr and how it would ultimately lead his life. He followed Brother Owen’s example who taught young Ansirius everything about Law and Truth, which he felt is the only way someone should live their lives.

When in his late teens, Brother Owen was summoned to the High Priest Chambers and tasked with a secret mission to deliver a sacred scroll and magic item that was to be delivered to another temple of Tyr several weeks away. Ansirius asked Brother Owen if he could go with him and was told he could not participate.

Right after Brother Owen left on the trip, Ansirius decided to follow and meet up with Brother Owen a few days down the road. On the third night out, Ansirius walked into Brother Owen’s camp. He was soundly scoulded by the brother who eventually gave him sound fatherly advice and sent him along his way back to his home temple. Before leaving, Brother Owen gave Ansirius a hug and reminded him to follow the rule of law and truth.

Just then Brother Owen was yanked away from Ansirius’ arms and thrown backward past the small warming fire. Ansirius stood in horror as a large muscled male picked Brother Owen up by the neck, saying something to him in a strange language. Standing next to this tall dark figure was a very beautiful woman who seemed to be laughing and acting as if she was enjoying the entire event.

With one hand, the unidentified male crushed Brother Owens throat and with the other, slashed across his throat, seemingless ripping the life from his body as the blood from Brother Owens throat gushed forward. The man then bit into Brother Owens throat as if feasting and shared his meal with the female who bit into the neck of Brother Owen as if starving.

With this, Ansirius screamed out “No” and grabbed Brother Owens sword and swung it at the male. With no effect, this action drew the couple’s attention and they threw down Brother Owen’s seemingly lifeless body. They advanced on young Ansirius who stumbled back toward the fire where he could now see their bloody fangs as they laughed. Long and sinister looking fangs with Brother Owen’s blood dripping from them.

As Ansirius fell backward, he grabbed some burning embers and threw them in the direction of the male, which seemed to temporarily catch his cloak on fire, but this didn’t slow the female. Ansirius scrambled back toward Brother Owen’s small wagon with the female closely on his trail.

When Ansirius reached the wagon and just as the female was about to strike, Ansirius quickly grabbed a broken staff and held it up to the charging female who impaled herself on it. The female initially seemed surprised but then let out a curdling scream that not only frightened Ansirius, but shook him to the bone. As the female’s body writhed in pain, she slowly slipped away into a desolving mass of flesh and bone.

The male heard the screaming and quickly came running up to where Ansirius had made his way to a dying Brother Owen. Upon reaching Ansirius and Brother Owen, the male figure prepared to pounce, but stopped short when the first rays of the sun began creaping over the tops of the trees. The male figure quickly fled into the darkness.

Ansirius loaded Brother Owen onto his small wagon and eventually made it to the Temple of Tyr, where Brother Owen was supposed to deliver the ancient scroll and other item. These items were delivered as promised, but Brother Owen was taken to a private room, barely alive he reached out to Ansirius who listened as Brother Owen expressed his love for Ansirius and gave him some last words of advice in keeping a truthful and lawful life.

With that, Ansirius was taken out of the room and was told about what they needed to do. As Brother Owen had been bitten by vampires, his body would have to be destroyed and faithfully consecrated. Ansirius had to be restrained as the priests and what looked like dark gray paladin figures had to hold him back.

After Brother Owen’s body was disposed of and properly buried, one of the dark gray paladin figures sat and talked to Ansirius. He introduced himself as Brother Marcus who sounded more like he was bearing his sole to the young Ansirius and talked about how following the Truth and Law were sometimes more than he could bear, but he knew that his calling was one more than what a simple paladin must endure.

Before leaving Ansirius, the dark paladin gave Ansirius a symbol of the truth scales, a holy symbol that Brother Owen had worn for almost all of his life. The small silver was draped over Ansirius’ neck.

“Take care young Ansirius and we shall meet in the future, I truely believe you are strong in the belief and your love for Brother Owen will endure anything you may face in life.” Ansirius never got the dark figure’s full name as the man walked away, but his stern features and words would burn for a long time in Ansirius’ thoughts.

From that day on, Ansirius agreed to follow what is lawful and truthful, that which Tyr supports and provides for. However, in this world of chaotic lawlessness, this has caused Ansirius to become somewhat bothered in balancing what is lawful, truthful and what is right. He has often found himself questioning why he is in such a position and title, but then always goes back to remembering Brother Owen and what he was taught and gets refocused, although it has been hard for him to sit back and have others challenge his way of life or trying to repress the innocent.

In his travels, Ansirius has become friends with a varied party of adventurers, Gunther a rather boisterous and self absorbed Gnome who has quite a gift of gab that often leaves Ansirius and the others laughing for hours; Papis, a half-elf who is as mysterious as anyone can figure out; and Kalana, a very difficult half-elf female who always wants to show everyone that she is more macho than the rest of the group by charging headlong into a battle. Vanion is also one who is strange and mysterious. Although he looks like a Mage, if doesn’t appear as if he would care to use magic if he did not have to….He has some other odd characteristics. Anthal is still one who Ansirius has not been able to figure out. He has a somewhat mischevious manner about him that somewhat makes him appear “Rougish”, but then he is a quiet character who stands back and makes observations as opposed to actions.

Along the way, the group has acquired a ship from a pirate named Barabas and worked in the shipping trade as longshoremen and ship hands. Somewhere west of Sey Fo, the group rescued a group of refugees off of an island and brought them to safety. The group is now being challenged by other for their actions, but with the guidence of Ansirius, the group is likely to survive. Ansirius lives a simple life, and does not have much when it comes to belongings as he often gives away what he earns in the different adventures they get in to. Stay tuned for more on Ansirius.

Ansirius with part of his adventure group stayed on the Swan while the others went into the City of Sey Fo, now called Valanar. The Ship named the Swan must have been wanted very badly if someone was going to take on Ansirius and his friends, not once but twice! But now a name goes with the attacks….Red William.

Ansirius now must bring this brigand to justice. We must draw him out and take him to justice. But this may be harder than we think. Ansirius will go to a justice and swear out a warrant for his arrest and take him to the justice. So off the group goes to the establishment owned by Red William. Although Red William was not there, a message was sent and the name “Ansirius, Defender of the Faith” was left for him to remember and come looking for if he was serious about trying to kill of harm any of the group.

Since then, Kalana, the Elf has asked the party including Ansirius to help her people (The Elves)fight against Gothmog and the other hordes of Orc. Prior to leaving for this new adventure, Ansirius consulted with a long time friend of his mentor (Brother Owen) about his outlook in the order and following of Tyr.

It has become apparent to Ansirus, that the laws and rules he must follow as a “Defender of the Faith” have become somewhat restrictive and hypocritical while following the beliefs and laws of Tyr.

Therefore, he proposed a new order of Paladin. One that still requires Paladins to follow the laws that are still offered for the word of Tyr, yet become open to interpretation by the individual Paladin and thus taking away or forgiving the now very strict guidance from which a Paladin must do to get the job doneand where they see it as Righteous and Lawful. The meeting with a senior priest (Joshua) of Tyr was granted and Ansirius presented his ideas.

He was advised he would again be summoned to present the matter, the development of a rather loose order of Paladin. One that is not so black and white, but one that allows for “Shades of Grey” in world of the Paladin.

The party along with Ansirius, have been released from their contract with the ABC Shipping Company. Upon this release, Kalana has requested of the group to help her kin, the Elves in the northern wooded area, so north they headed.

Upon entry into the elven woods of Nimheil, the group came across a Gorgon (A large bull like creature that turns people into stone). Well Kelana and Gunter were effected and turned to stone. After the creature was dispatched, Ansirius and the rest of the group headed to an elvish city of Endthiel where they were originally confronted with some resistance by an Elvish patrol and then welcomed as they were found to be allies and not adversaries. In a gesture to “Unstone” Gunter and Kelana, the group offered to help destroy Gothmog and the Orcish herds.

A council was obtained with an Elvish Druid named Mammon and a plan was developed for helping of the Elvin folk. It was found that a battle line consisting of the Oricish Army was stretched many miles from the north to the south. It was also discovered the the leaders of the Orcish Army, Gedreg and Gothmog had help in strengthing their lines of battle.

Ansirius suggested the army was too difficult to tackle head-on, so it was suggested that the group of Gunter, Kelana, Vanion, Papis and Ansirus be dropped behind the line with the goal of catching Gothmog off guard and destroying him before he becomes even more powerful, thus creating confusion among the Orcish nation.

So it was determined the group would be teleported to the back of the lines and work their way forward. A few days out, the group met with several Orcish patrols which the group easily handled as they continued moving forward. But then the group met with a group that was not only powerful, but one of their kind seemed to be extremely powerful and waded through the barrage of damage our companions set forth.

Ansirius led the way and actually took on this large and powerful Orc. This large Orc was wielding a flaming sword that seemed to become brighter as the battle ensued.

Ansirius dealt the Orc some damage, but it did not seem to phase the large evil one. Then without warning, the Orc dealt three quick blows in succession, handing Ansirius some extreme injuries.

Ansirius was able to heal some of this damage as he dropped to his knees, calling out to Tyr for strength and guidance. Ansirius tried in vain to block to last swing of the Orc’s flaming sword, but his injuries prevented him from completely using both hands to hold his sword and block the Orc’s overhead attack.

As the blow struck, Ansirius could only wince and think of happier times when he was a young lad and would play with his long time friend, Brother Owen. As darkness enveloped Ansirius, he once again saw Brother Owen’s face as he cried out for Tyr.

Ansirius lay bleeding and lifeless as the remainder of the group finished off as a team the large Orc which sent Ansirius to see his maker.

The group loosely buried the body of Ansirius and continued on their quest to destroy the Orc Army and kill Gothmog. Gunter did talk with Ansirius with a talk to the dead spell. Although his earthly body no longer breathed oxygen, his heavenly spirit was very much alive and willing to carry on with Tyr’s plan, whatever that might be. It was felt that Ansirius might be raised or brought back to life, to continue his following of Tyr. Ansirius was not finished with his work and he knew Tyr had more for him to accomplish.

A few days later, the group ran into other Orcish patrol and easily dispatched them as well. However, while along their way, the group met with an Elvish character named Dariea who assisted them for a while until they stopped at an ancient Elven temple, where they were surprised by a huge Troll, who made quick endings of Gunter. The Troll was eventually destroyed but not before Gunter had passed along to that short bridge to Gnomedom…….

The party now severely weakened decided to go back and try and have Ansirius and Gunter possibly brought back to life.

Papis read from the scroll he had for teleportation and the group with their dead companions, were brought back to Endthiel, where they once again met up with the Druid Mammon.

Druid Mammon was not really pleased with the group having come back so quickly, but did agree to reincarnate Gunter and Ansirius for a steep price and a guarantee of better success.

After a day, Gunter was reincarnated into himself again, but his appearence was now that of a Dwarf, so the “Mighty Gnome” is now known as the “Mighty Dwarf”. Although not pleased with this outcome, Gunter is getting rather use to seeing himself as a Dwarf. For the rest of the group, Gunter will always be Gunter, not knowing when to talk and when to stop talking.

One more day and Ansirius was brought back to life, also having been renincarnated and again in human form, but smaller in stature. Ansirius is now a slimmer version of himself and about 5” shorter. Ansirius now sports a solid greyish-white head of hair,instead of the normal dark brown. This now makes Ansirius look much older, although not in physical age.

Ansirius has now had time to digest what has happened to him. Tyr has truely blessed Ansirius with a purpose and he must now prove his worth. Tyr must provide Ansirius with a goal, an andventure, a guise to complete to prove his worthiness…..Story to occur.

Ansirous Journal

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