Corsae Forest

“Greetings my friends. Let me tell you of the wonders of the Corsae forest. It physically runs about three hundred miles in length, starting at the home of the dwarves and running down to near the human city of Pavis. It runs about sixty miles in width. It is surrounded by the SpineCrack mountains to the west and the Sky piercer mountains to the east. Water is abundant within this valley, most of it comes from the Sky piercer mountains.”

“The Corsae Elves live in smallish communities scattered about the woods. The Corsae elves are not the only elves in the world. They are scattered about Beldorn but most claim some lineage to the Corsae There were seven active communities but at least one or more of the communities has fallen to the rampages of the latest orcish horde in the last year.

“The Elves have maintained their ancestorial home since the beginning of the second age. Many of the histories maintain that this is the birthplace of the elvish race on Beldorn and this is where the sacred tree of the race was burned by the Drow.”

The Corsae elves are seperated north and south by the Nimhal (the deep pale)that sits in the middle of the woods. The two communities that are closest to the Nimhal are Maiathumus to the south and Endtheil to the north. Within the Nimhal even elves fear to tread, for it is a place of the wild creatures and unnatural things that abide there..

The smallness of the elvish communities, the distance and the Nimhal have separated the Corsae elves into being cliquish about their community vs the other communities. this problem created a huge problem when Gedreg invaded the woods. There was no central command to work from. Each community went it alone. For Arinis it was a complete disaster, the defenders were completely overwhelmed. Gedreg was determined to make an example of Arinis and impaled the still living elves on stakes and set them and the town ablaze. It got so hot that a rift to the elemental plane of fire opened and allowed some creatures to venture on the prime material plane for a period. Eventually the rift resealed itself.

The war continues to go bad for the elves, even with non elvish aid that shows up and the promise to the north of the dwarves marching to the elves aid. In the middle of Helm as the humans name it, we were in the season of death, two fights are fought which change the course of the war. The first is named the battle of the running which was primarly fought by non elves who kill Gedreg’s subcommander Melg and then a couple of days later in the Battle of the Bloody woods, Gedreg is killed and the orcs on the verge of winning retreat in disarray. This news does not reach the northern orcish forces until sometime later, where although they win a large battle with the elves, the news of Gedreg’s death unnerves the orcs as well as standoff fight with the Dwarves who had finally reached the forest.

The celebration is a somber one. In the south Arinis is made a monument to the destruction, several groups such as the stormcrows are made rahuar(elf friend) and the leaders of the various elvish communities pledge not to let differences stop them from working together in the future. Cael Lu Beleg is meeting point for the community leaders and it is decided that alliances need to remade with the non elvish and the other elvish communities to prevent that type of tragedy from occuring again.

Corsae Forest

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