Fulda is the most cosmopolitan of the states in the Duchies. It also makes it the most volatile.
The country of Baldamar sits along its southeast border and there is constant strife along the border, although not a formal war, troops shoot at each other on a constant basis and life is difficult. Both sides use mercs as a necessity. The major merc companies prefer to stay out of the situation there, so the two primary merc companies are the Wareagle and the sign of the red bear companies. The Wareagle works for Fulda and the Red Bear work for Baldamar.

Fulda is under the Tacu lineage. The Tacus took the line away from a rival some 100 plus years ago. The Tacus line has been under a curse since that time. Each of the first born children have some infirmity that eventually takes their life when they reach the age of majority. The current ruler Vasile Tacus is the third child. Both his older siblings died leaving him in charge. He is married but doesn’t want to pass the curse on. He has hired folks to try to remove the curse.

The Wareagle leader name is Detlef Rahn. He is from Firenz and he is trying to make a name for his mercenary company so he can move away from this small potatoes type of warfare. Detlef is a human sorcerer.

The eastern part of Fulda which borders with Baldamar is hilly and wooded. The continuing strife has left this part rather desolate which has allowed various non humans and others to infest the region. Each side has a series of towers with fire pits to light fires.


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