locast street of Taverns

“Damn, this be me favorite place in all of Locast, behold the street of Taverns.” Malcom sweeps his arm up the busy, clean street.

“Ye kin get almost any type of drink or meal on this street. Hell they’n almost keep the streets so clean, ye could eat off’n it. Each tavern has its own schtick to draw the customers in. Look’e there, the Silver Drake, yep thats a real silver statute, been sitting out there as long as the citie been around I reckon. Aint never been stolt, thats how the story goes. Oops, its been stolt but never more than a day, before its goes back. Sumtime the sticky fingered ones be hanging about it other times, they already be in jail. There be the Golden Chalice, it has a gold chalice sitting in the window, There be the Platinum Dragon and others”

“At the top, be Above the others. Grand name ye think? Above the others. Kint afford that kinda place but it would be nice some day. Its said that the beds all put them selves back together without any aid, and are always fresh each day. The doors be able to be magic locked by the customer. The baths draw themselves to the proper temperature to the customers likin. I don’t believe it myself but I kint afford such a grand place.’

There be the Dancing Cavilier, sad story. Ye remember the story at the Octopus about the painting of the warrior that be cursed with boots of dancing? Well, anyways, that warrior and his buddies decided to get themselves a slew of inns and taverns so’s they kin retire from adventurin, least ways thats how I heard it. I guess theres one born every minute. Anyways they got the Dancing Cavilier up to several places, particularly in the big cities of the coast. Bad management dun em in and this is the only one left.

The big thing is that the owners of these and the other fine places have a weekly poker game. Its been around since the second age I heard. Don’t knowd how friendly it be, but I guess that helps keep the lid on things. If you be a good cook in this town, ye could make money, they always be stealing cooks from one place to another. Surprised how little blood gits spilt because of that.

Me throats a mite dry, think we can stop at the Cavilier for a spell. Thanks Friend

locast street of Taverns

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