Mercenary companies play an important role in the politics of the Duchies. Companies range in size from about 10 to 5,000 members. As a company member, race is not important but your ability counts. The Mercenary companies number about 100 in all. The Merc companies are in great demand, particularly in the Dallian Confederacy and Vemany.

There are about 15 major players among the merc companies. The largest of thecompanies is the Kingmakers, under the command of Lucien Von Veringhast. The company is 5,0000 strong and includes priests, wizards and sorcerers. The next largest and a direct competitor of the Kingmakers is the Velvet Glove/Iron Fist under Illyana Roshenko. Illyana is a priestess of Wojnar.

The drop off after the big two is large. The next in line are the White company, Caines Raiders, and Falcons Raiders. The leader of the White Company is Radic Steponich. Caines Raiders, is led by Emil Caine, and Falcon Raiders is a dwarf named Saeed Ibn Al Lith, who hails from Sauda and has a genie consultant. These companies run around 2,000 members. Just below them is the Red Crusaders, whom have a more sinister reputation.

Mercenary companies all have flags and insignias to differentiate themselves from the other companies. The Kingmakers predominate color is blue and their flags are blue. The Velvet Glove/Iron Fist primary colors are red and a dark grey. The White company always a white. Caines Raiders are a green and red. All the others have some sort of coloration within their ranks. There are the Wareagles in the Duchies and the Red Bears in Baldamar who face off against each other.

The cost of mercenaries is high and there are often large amounts of time that there is little employment for the merc’s. Many change companies or attempt to start their own.

to hire a mercenary company requires a deposit of 10,000 gold(smaller depending on reputation and size of the company)into a neutral place. This money is held and Negotiations begin. The good leaders have their own folks who do the talks and know what to ask

The leaders of the mercenary companies

Kingmakers Lucien Von Veringhast Firenze
Velvet Glove/Ironfist-Illyana Rosenko priestess of Wognar Rus
White Company Radic Steopnich Dallian
Caines Raiders-emil Caine Aleran
Wareagles marius Sterk Baldamar
Falcon Raiders-Saleed ibn a Lith Dwarf
Red Crusaders- Angelia Biasin
Red Bear Vagis Tomsky Rus

The Red Bears are known for their cavalry, as well as their limited air mounted troops


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