The continent of Nafaarn is made up of nine countries and three islands off the eastern side of it. There are two major mountain chains, one of which cuts the continent nearly in half. The Angry mountains are said to contain the mortal plane home of the deities and the desolate mountains which are nearly uninhabitable. There are a series of large lakes which cut off the bottom third.

The orange land to the east of the sea of Tefa is beginnings of the lands of Sauda.
Sorcerers, Summoners, barbarians are more common here then in many of the other lands. The deities of the region are Vermogen(suffering) and Ongeluka(misfortune) for many of the countries that have problems such as Aponi, Vemany, Gouled.

Due to the high humidity and general heat, heavy armor is not used as much.

Aponi-Is under the Rule of the Country of Rus and has been exploited for its resources. There have been several rebellions by the natives to overcome the over hundred years of rule by the Rus and all have been brutally put down by the infamous white bears of Rus. Although Aponi is the largest in land it has no history of anything more than tribal fighting. CN The latest rebellion is led by Joseph Booh Booh. A unit of the White Bears was wiped out along a trail leading to the coastal city of Chama. This has brought the issue to the lords of Rus whom are beginning to dispatch a force to bring in Booh Booh and his followers. At the heart of the issue are the gold mines and other precious minerals that Aponi has beneath her surface. Chaotic.

Vemany-Vemany is under the iron rule of Lantis Jeboda, who defeated the combined armies of mercenaries along with those loyal to King Assuay. He and his army of men and Saurigs(desert lizardmen). Lantis is a man of his word, he gave the mercenaries whom he defeated a way home but under his conditions, he had the mercs split among as many ships as he could as he suspected that some would immediately march against him. LE
He has replaced the various tribal leaders with those loyal to him. The lands of Vermany tend to lead to a more nomadic life style and are fractured in nature.
Okai-Most of the inhabitants live along the coast as the interior is mostly jungle. It is said that the Grippli live in the swampy jungles CG

Goulded-Its western side is a desert as the desolate mountains create a barrier for the rains that climb up Okai. It is the poorest of the lands of Nafaarn as it landlocked. No central leadership, everything is tribal. CN

Ntuli-Reaching out into the sea of Tefas, this country grows many spices and is under the control of The Velvet Glove/Iron fist mercenary company. The sub commander of the company, Carlota Rubial is the nominal leader. The Velvet Glove actually hires out some of the smaller companies to help govern the region

Atori-is the most prosperous land on the continent. The eastern side has plenty of rich soil coming down from the Angry Mountains from the rains. The seas just off the coast are plentiful with sea life for fishing. LN. The ruler is a Oracle Cassius Muola. He is a oracle of nature.

Naghu- the interior is wet and jungle like but as you move to the eastern side it dries out into fertile farmland.

Yodu-is a wet place, it rains constantly, although there are not many high mountains, rain constantly pours down. Most of the population lives along the coast. There are rumors of monkey like humanoids whom live in the deep jungles about the interior and the lands between Yodu and Naghu. These peoples are called Vanaras.

Senakiaika-It considers itself independent of the rest of Nafaarn due to the two large lakes which nearly cut it off from the rest of the continent. The interior of the land is on the dry side and most of the population lives near the coasts although major storms swirl up out of the south and crash into the western side of Senalialka as well as the south coast of Yodu. Senakiaika is a feudal system under the control of the Tamagasanga line. This line has ruled with a dignity for the last 150 years and although has had to make some harsh decisions is considered the most stable of the ruling lines on the continent NG.

Izy-is technically a vassal state of Naghu. It grows a desirable spice and is somewhat protected but there is much theft of the spice.

Nonri-Nonri is the gateway to the east. Ships from Rokan, Rindra, and Sauda all meet here. The island is controlled by various merchant companies who are the real power on this island. The Island itself is pretty much a barren rock with an excint volcano as its heart. There are also military ships stationed along the island. The merchants pay a fee to keep military vessels as protection against the pirates of the region. Currently the Saudans have the largest amount of warships in the region.

The capital Keka sits along the bay of Whales. During the migrations whales stop by to feed and to play. This provides amusement among the population.

Poxce-there is no law at all there. This is a place where pirates and other bad guys gather. LE. There is a loose association of pirates and other cutthroats. It is rumored that they are actually led by a witch. The island is mostly uninhabited except for creatures. There is only the one port. It is named Skullwatch. The entrance has a pair of rock outcroppings nicknamed Death and destruction. The currents around these rocks tend to be tricky DC 15 profession sailor. There is a lighthouse on Death which is manned occasionally


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