overview of religion

Each priesthood will have a heading that designates primary colors, alignment, stat minimums, armor and weapon restrictions, special powers, philosophies, domains and changes to its spell list and with additional information about background and other color.

While most of the following pertains to the deities of Beldorn, there maybe demi-gods worshipped in various places.

The head of the pantheon is Tempus with the other major race deities being just under him. Tempus has a wife Mystra and a brother Cyric and three sons, Torm, Helm and Tyr. Tempus is a War god and is constantly trying to create conflict, while his sons attempt to rein him in. Cyric is the god of death and is constantly trying to assist in the creating of the conflict and is hated by the three sons.

Cyric has his own offspring, Mask the god of intrigues, Talos the storm god, and Umberlee the ocean god. In a previous age the 2nd Cyric also had another son, Bane whom he eventually destroyed.

Silvanus and Selune are husband and wife with Gond and Tyche as their sons

Lathlander and Selune are twin brother and sister and had Oghma as their son

Besheba, Shar and Loviatar are the daughters of Anduhar. They are nicknamed the three harlots.

Deneir, Ilmater and Sune are the children of Mystra but not of Tempus. A rumor is that the children are of Anduhar.

Within each religion, there may be factions who worship certain aspects of the deities and may have slightly differing abilities from the original deity. For example, Mystra may have an aspect of her who may specialize in types of magic more heavily that her general bent. The deities have a lazie-faire attitude about their followers. As long as the followers follow the major tenet of the religion anything else is fine.

overview of religion

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