port district

The port district wardsman is William of the K&B company. Elections are going to happen this year and Renard wants the position.

The dock area is cobblestoned and has very good lighting to help facilitate loading and unloading of the docs.

There are two main roads in this district. The major one is the port road. This road runs from the bottom of the port district to the top and then to the merchant district and ends in the park. This road constantly teams with wagons moving product from the port to the merchant market. This particular road is kept in good shape and is constantly patrolled by the city guards. The second road is the Outer Wall Street. This road runs along the wall that separates the port district from the merchant, Rokan, Visitor and Entry districts. Along this street, the coaches carrying visitors and the common folk are the two primary users.

The port of the city is teeming with trade vessels of all types. There are ships from Baradan, Rokan, Cathay and islands to the west. The dock is a constant hum of activity and noise. To enter the docks requires an inspection of the ship by the harbormaster and an entry fee of one gold per 5 feet of beam of the ship. This must be paid before a docking berth is assigned. All loading and unloading of the ships is under the supervision of the dockers guild and the dockers are paid from the various ship captains. This does cause some troubles if a captain decides to use his own crew or is less than generous with the payment. Cargos have been known to disappear or crewmen become injured in mysterious ways. To be able to unload cargo you must present proof of membership in the dockers guild. When a ship comes in the dockers meet at a central meeting place named the hold to assign jobs. The newest members usually get the hardest jobs and the least pay to the senior members. The docker guild- the hold is located near the Lobster and the crab and usually has people hanging about to pick up odd jobs. Usually the merchant companies will have some of their underlings to pick the cargo handlers for the job.

There are stories of gladiatorial pits below the parts of the port area. The pit is under the building next to the silken pleasure in the Rokan district. The woman to talk to about the fights is Aiko Kagyiama, owner of the Silken pleasure. The gladitorial pits have been there since the 3rd age and are a source of illegal income. The Yazuka gang protects the pits from the law by payments going many ways. A person can become rich or dead in a very short about of time within the pits The fishing fleets also berth here in the southern part of the port. The fish market lies just beyond the berths.

Warehouses are also located here and belong to many different companies.

Temples of Talos-Baldric 11th, Talos has its bodyguards the Cavalier order the bringers of Destruction. There are four of the order at the temple. Umberlee-Maria 9th, Tyche Corbin 9th Selune-Emily 8th are in this district. Temple of Besheba-Elaine 11th

The Walking Squid-This is the primary place that sailors go to spend their monies. The Silver Mermaid and Sailors Delight brothels are on each side of the bar. There are no rooms at this place.

The Long wanderer Tavern-Eckert is the owner and has five necklaces of tongues to speak with the customers. This is the major source of information that can be found within the city. This is where the merchants tend to hang out and make deals.

The lobster and the Crab-The local hangout for the port workers. The owner is a gnome named Brickweddel.

Stormwatch Inn-The largest of the inns in the port district. It is owned by Issac Northope Nea is staying at the place while the Umberlee priests unload his sunken ship. He is attempting to dry out the pepper.

Brothels-Silver Mermaid, sailors delight, Shore Leave-Deveraux Valanar Port District

port district

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