the hollow leg Tavern

You enter the building under the sign of a bottle of booze being poured into a leg. A warm fire greets you. The patrons there throw you but a cursory glance. There are several round tables with empty inviting chairs before you. “Welcome my friend” comes from a booming voice behind the bar. Looking there you see a dwarf that is very tall. He is very typical of a dwarf, big beard, red tipped in white, all you can really is his nose and eyes. He moves over to the end of the bar and begins to shrink in first notice but you hear his boots hitting steps down. He comes from around behind the bar and You see that he is a standard dwarf.
Rubbing his hands on his apron, he comes up smiling and offers a hand to you. “Hopefully the Blessings of Moradin have been with you my friend. My name is Skrit Stonebreaker, son of Gaim, grandson of Duri, greatgrandson of Buri and I am at your service”
He shows you to a chair and pulls it out for you to sit in. “So what brings you to my fine establishment, adventure of course, I presume. Would you care for a drink and I can tell you about this area and opportunies that abound here. He goes and gets what you ordered and returns. “You see that tabletop on the wall there. Its been scratched up by adventurers who have ventured into the accused lands of Chimorrow as a record of their journeys into those lands. Along the sides of the table are notes left by many also as a record of their deeds. Some of those are letters left in case they didn’t make it back from the adventure. Yes, Chimorrow has claimed many a adventurer, may Moradin bless them in their journey to the halls of their ancestors. There are some whom who have gone on and made their fortunes and have retired off to Haverstan, Lucien or other points of the compass.”
“There are usually adventurers here waiting to join up to make their fortunes because there is always safety in numbers, so if you wish to announce your intention to adventure Im sure that that there are others who will join you.”

“You should know though before leaving that the map scratched on that tabletop is rather crude and sometimes not accurate. Although it only shows a couple of major woods, the entire area is wooded and is of difficult terrain. Fifteen miles a day is a good day for travelling in some parts. And there’s the weather, its very changeable, it could be some 50 degrees one day and snowing like one of the Frozen hells in the humans pantheons. I do sell warm clothing and provisions to all that set out to make their fortune.”

he walks you over to the wall and shows you the crudely carved table. “There are several places on this map. Like Dagger” he points to a spot towards the right of center on the table. “This was one of the homes of the WitchKings of old in Chimmorrow. There are five of them. Along with Dagger,there is doomkeep, stilletto, Eagles Nest and The Keep There are tales of riches left here but its very dangerous to get there and back outside of what is occupying it now.”

“There are many places like this shown on the map. Theres Falling Rock, Mortain Woods, Eriador, Darkwood and so many others. You just need to decide where you want to go and survive. There are also many places that have been found that havent made it to this map or still haven’t been found”

the hollow leg Tavern

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