Vanions Journal

Since I’ve started adventuring I thought I would keep a journal of highlights, or lowlights as the case may be.

The town where I lived was fairly nice. However with the Rokan problems and the Orc Elvish war starting to heat up trade was declining and other problems were starting to appear. The main tavern owner had been killed and been replaced by a disguised Rokan spy. A Rokan deserter had been caught and was telling stories which no one believed about awaking a woman in a cave. Soon thereafter children started to go missing. Right about this time a group of adventurers came through town. The town sheriff’s asked if the group would be willing to help find the missing children, and I offered to help them. So that’s how I came to become “friends” with my fellow adventurers.

Initial thoughts of my new friends.

Kelana a proud Elvish warrior with a very large chip on her shoulder.

Angthal a quiet very quiet Elf.

Papis another one who doesn’t talk much, but sure likes to burn stuff or people for that matter.

Ansirius a young Paladin of Tyr seemed to be just out of Paladin “school”.

Guenter a short jolly hard to understand fellow.

So our first adventure together is to locate the missing children who it turns out had been abducted by a female vampire. There were six in all, 3 had already gone over to the “dark” side. They were dealt with appropriatly and the others returned to the town.

So that done “we” decide to head to the coast which sounds good. What my compatriots have forgotten th mention is that they are contracted to work for the 3A Company. Upon getting to the city I am forced to sign a contract with the 3A company and we are promptly told to board a ship as “protection”.

The Captain seems like a nice enough fellow. The first few stops are rather uneventful. However the following evening we saw a burning ship and went to help. Upon arriving we were attacked by some sort on sea people who we fed to the sharks. Then some priestess who seemed to have been leading the eventual shark food. She also was turned to chum. Our next port was called Drasinia. While relaxing at the local tavern an obviously drunk local took exception to Ansirius’ shiny plate and called him a “pretty boy” and poked him in the chest. Now everything I’d every heard about Paladins led me to believe that they were above being “petty” and worried about what “lessor” people thought of them, but no not “our” young just out of Paladin school Ansirius. He decides to get up and knock the living daylights out of him and started your general baroom brawl!!! The local constable shows up and asked who started it, so of course everyone in the bar points at Ansirius and he promptly gets arrested. So we “talk” to her and cut a deal to keep our young friend out of jail. Upon returning to the ship the Captain tells Ansirius he just pissed of a priestess of the sea god and the crew will not sail unless he makes a donation, a significant one at that to the sea god’s temple. After much whining he agreed to do it.

Vanions Journal

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